Just a few of the Services we Provide:

*Implementation of systems to insure proper management of the property
 *Minimum of weekly visits and inspections of the property
 *Supervision to provide continuous and immediate solutions to problems
 *Setup Owner’s banking accounts for property management funds
 *Provide detailed accounting of monthly expenses and reports to owner
 *Employ, train, and supervise all staff needed for the management of the property.
 *We take care of all employee payrolls, benefits, and taxes. You have no legal responsibility.
 *Administration of all your rental business including payment of IVA taxes.
 *Payment of all your local property expenses included but not limited to utilities, 
        cable TV, telephone, gas, satellite TV, water, HOA dues, property taxes, federal zone fees
 *Ensure all supplies are readily available for staff to maintain the property
 *Provide pre and post inspection of the property for owners’ guests, rentals, showings, etc.
 *Assist in the rental of property (if applicable)
 *Provide key control to insure the security of the property
 *Provide free airport pickup and drop off to property owners

For more information and a free quote to management your property, please contact us at US 303-219-6133 Mexico 052-322-178-7147 or email edward@puestadelsolvallarta.com

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