Who are We?
Edward Padalinski-Owner
After visiting Puerto Vallarta for almost 20 years; Edward decided to call this home about 6 years ago. While working in a property management company for several years and now part owner of the Real Estate Company Ron Morgan Properties, he has had plenty of experience working in Mexico.
Working with property owners, vendors, staff, maintenance, accounting, legal, and immigration he understands how things 'work' in Mexico and uses his insights and connections to get the job done!  

Previously in the hotel industry around the world for 15 years and then owner of a catering company in the USA for almost 20 years, Edward has the drive, organization skills, and experience to accomplish many things.

*Board Member of AMPI and Real Estate Broker for the Banderas Bay Area
*Owner of own Mexican business corporation
*Permanent Resident status working on Mexican citizenship
*Languages including English, Spanish, and German
*Property owner since 1998 
*Continually educated by attending workshops and seminars for Real Estate services in Mexico
*Member of AMPI Compliance Committee conducting training and seminars for other agents

For more information and a free quote to management your property, please contact us at
US 303-219-6133 Mexico 052-322-178-7147 or email edward@puestadelsolvallarta.com

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